Picture Perfect: Inspiring First Day of School Picture Ideas

back to school

Taking photos of your children on the first day of school is a time-honored tradition but setting them up doesn't have to be difficult. Here's a round up of our favorite first day of school photo ideas and DIYs for inspiration.

Use A Letter Board Or Sign

No need to get fancy– just print a simple sign with the grade and date to document the day! Our full collection of printable signs is available here.

Find a tutorial to create a fun picture frame made with wooden rulers here.

Have Fun With Balloons

Balloons make a fun and colorful first day of school photo prop that can easily be created last minute by writing on the balloon with a marker or using letter stickers.
Full tutorial for the sticker balloons can be found here.

Stack Up Some Books

A classic red apple and stack of books can make for some iconic back to school photos. Make it an annual back to school tradition using a stack of their current favorite books or wrap a couple of books from your shelf in brown kraft paper and use black letter stickers or a marker to add the date and grade.
**Helpful hint: if you’re adding the apple tape it to the book, otherwise it will topple off pretty easily.**

The Big Yellow Bus

What says "back to school" more than a big yellow school bus? Taking your photo in front of a school bus each year makes a great backdrop and could become an annual tradition.

Chalk It Up

Sidewalk chalk is a staple of summer and playful addition to first day of school photos. Easy to do last minute, simply draw your design on a flat surface or fence and get your kiddo to lay beside it.

All In The Family

Grab a neighbor or friend to snap a photo of you with the kids! Too often, Moms forget to get in front of the camera. Also, get siblings together in photos so you can watch them grow up together through your lens.

They grow up so fast! (And no, we'll never stop crying.) You can always make your sign funny, if you think the all-the-details signs are too much.

 Go Digital

Get creative with digital editing software like Photoshop or Canva. Take a photo of your subject in front of a neutral background. Then add digital designs or information about the upcoming school year.

Take photos throughout the first day of school as your kiddos are in motion, capturing those micro-moments that illustrate a day-in-the-life. Not every photo has to be posed with your child looking at the camera. "Some of the best images come to life when littles are in their element, making for authentic photos you'll come back to often.

It Doesn't Have To Be Perfect

Most importantly, don't overcomplicate things...just take the photo. It's easy enough to crop, adjust brightness and edit any number of other elements using the native editor in your photo app. Remember, these photos are going to mean more in 20 years than they will today, but if you're too busy worrying about getting the perfect shot, you might just miss your chance.

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